Giving away ideas for free

Giving away ideas for free

Ok, now that I’ve seen the upteenth idea I had years ago finally implemented after long last I’ve decided I’m just going to put them on my blog if I don’t plan on ever doing anything about it. Also, it turns out execution is about 99% of the work, so this really is just a token gesture.

I’ll try and format them all the same way and respond to user feedback about them. All of these ideas will be somewhat self-serving, as I want the product or service, meaning I’ll gladly pay a reasonable amount for it but I don’t think its worth me stopping my day job to work on it.

- People want to run games on their Intel Macs without rebooting.

Enabling technology:
- Hibernation in XP and Mac OS X

- Use hibernation to switch between Mac OS X and Windows XP instead of having to do full reboots so you can continue where you left off.

Hard part:
- Hooking into all the right places in both operating systems.

Ok, now someone go off and implement this. You might even be able to charge $10 for it.