Update your FireEagle location automatically from any browser

Update your FireEagle location automatically from any browser

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With all the talk of geolocation in the browser, I decided this afternoon to go ahead and make it really easy for anyone to automatically update their location in FireEagle by going to a single url from any browser. Depending on the capabilities of your browser it will use various technologies to determine your current location:

Simply go to BrowFire and it will first get authorization from FireEagle for me to update your location. I only store the OAuth credentials in your own cookies so there is no server-side storage of your location or even the ability to later update or read your location without you revisiting the site. After I get your authorization to update your FireEagle location you need to return to the site and I will either automatically update your location using your IP address or ask you for permission to use more accurate location information from one of the other sources you might have available in your client. It will not ask you again for authorization for 28 days.

If you are interested in how it all works, you can check out the firebrowser project on github.

P.S. If you find some combination that doesn’t work as you would expect please say so in the comments (and then send me a pull request for your changes :) )