Yahoo! Application Platform (YAP) and Yahoo! Query Language (YQL) launch today

Yahoo! Application Platform (YAP) and Yahoo! Query Language (YQL) launch today

Since I moved into the platform group at the beginning of the year I had worked with the YAP and YQL teams to help them define their strategy and direction but without being part of the day-to-day operations. In August, the head of the Y!OS project asked me to step in to take them through their final run to launch. It has been a great couple of months working with the teams. They both had an amazing showing at Hack Day and now today we are launching the platforms worldwide.

Over the next few months and into 2009 YAP will be rolling across Yahoo!. Developers will be able to embed their applications in places like My Yahoo, Frontpage, Media properties and Mail. YQL will continue to be extended to other services by Yahoo! and through a plugin API in the future. Please check out the announcements at the Yodel, YDN and OpenSocial blog.